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Retirement benifits

Can i draw my x husbands retirement benifits he passed on 12-13-2010 he retired from the boilermakers union we were married for 17 years i got the divorce he did not know it we were seperated for a while he was...


Can stop child back support enforcement on my father

I am 19 yrs old can I stop enforcement on my dad for back child support in the state of florida


Child Support After 17 and Attending College Full Time in Texas

My daughter graduated high school at the age of 17 and is now going to attend college full time. Does that mean that I no longer get child support or does my ex husband still have to pay until she graduates from...


How do i get my info. on child support going to my us bank card

I got the information off this number 1-877-543-2660 that my moneys going to be on my card but how can i get it on here so i can print it off.


How do I show income for child support if I'm a stay at home mom in my new relationship?

I have been divorced for 5 years. My ex husband has had raises and or a promotion in that time and is also remarried with 2 more children. I moved in with my fiancé last year and have stopped working. My ex...


Can I be held responsible for my half of my daughters college education?

I have been divorced since 2000 and we did the divorce decree ourselves. In the decree it states we will split our daughters college education 50/50. I have never paid child supprt because we have always shared...


Child support if child quits school before the age of 18

I would like to know if child support payment is due if the child quits school before the age of 18 in Pa.


Is there a statute of limitations for filing for child support in nys

Mother has one child father has the other child. Fifteen years mother wants to file for child support?


Child Support Backpay

Hello, I'm wondering if someone could answer this question for me. I'm getting conflicted information from the child support case worker and the internet. My boyfriend has a child which is grown now....


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My ex has his own company and is not showing his true income ,what do i do to prove he is making alot more than he is claimi...

He is the president of his company a self employed contractor ,and filed two different tax returns,one for himself,and one for his company.the gross he made for his company for 2009 was 473,000 and he is claiming...


Owed childsupport

If my childen are not kids anymore can i get back child support owed to me.